Investor Fact Sheet

Company Name: Redbubble Limited
Business Description: Redbubble Limited is a leading global online marketplace for independent artists connecting:
  • a global community of independent artists and designers looking to showcase and sell their work;
  • consumers seeking distinctive designs and creative works across a range of quality products including apparel, accessories, homewares, and other lifestyle categories; and
  • third party fulfillers utilising leading edge capabilities to produce the products after they have been ordered by the customer in a print‑on‑demand model and then arranging for their delivery to the customer.
Shares on Issue: 208,440,096
ASX ticker code: ASX: RBL
Chief Executive Officer: Martin Hosking
Chief Financial Officer: Chris Nunn
Board of Directors: Richard Cawsey (Chair)
Martin Hosking (Managing Director)
Teresa Engelhard
Hugh Williams
Grant Murdoch
Greg Lockwood
Company Secretaries: Corina Davis (General Counsel and Company Secretary - US)
Paul Gordon (Australian-resident Company Secretary)
Registered Office: Level 3, 271 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Consumer website: Redbubble.com
Investor Centre: shareholders.redbubble.com
Share Registry: Link Market Services Limited
Tower 4
727 Collins Street
Docklands VIC 3008 
Auditor: Ernst & Young
8 Exhibition Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000