Redbubble Annual Report 2020

118 119 Redbubble Annual Report 2020 Name Number held % of Issued Capital Mr Martin Hosking 32,403,272 12.0% Osmium Partners 18,035,631 6.7% Greencape Capital 15,033,803 5.6% BlackRock Investment Mgt (Australia) 13,575,234 5.0% E. Substantial Holders Substantial holders in the Company are set out below (as at 8 September 2020): F. Securities subject to escrow arrangements There are no shares on issue that are subject to voluntary escrow. G. Voting Rights The voting rights attaching to each class of equity securities are set out below: Ordinary Shares On a show of hands every member present at a meeting in person or by proxy shall have one vote and upon a poll each share shall have one vote. Options, Share Appreciation Rights and Performance Rights No voting rights H. Other ASX Required Information The Company has used the cash and assets in a form readily convertible to cash, that it had at the time of admission to the ASX, in a way consistent with its business objectives. This statement is made pursuant to ASX Listing Rule 4.10.19. Corporate Information Directors Anne Ward (Chair) Martin Hosking (Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer) Ben Heap Jennifer (Jenny) Macdonald Greg Lockwood Company Secretaries Corina Davis Paul Gordon Registered Office Level 3, 271 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia Share Register Link Market Services Tower 4, 727 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3008 Australia Auditors Ernst & Young 8 Exhibition Street Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia Bankers Commonwealth Bank of Australia Stock Exchange Listing Redbubble shares are listed in the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: RBL) ADR Program Redbubble ADRs are negotiable instruments issued by BNY Mellon, with one ADR representing ten RBL ordinary shares. They are traded under the symbol RDBBY. Website Investor Centre Shareholders