Red Bubble Annual Report 2022

Where creativity meets commerce Annual Report 2022

Across the Redbubble Group, we are proud of our purpose to create and inspire new ways of experiencing connection and a sense of belonging for every person. Our vision is to be the most loved place at the intersection of expression, empowerment, and commerce – bringing every person the very thing that gives them joy. Contents 06 FY2022 Snapshot 08 Chairman’s Message 10 CEO’s Review 16 Operating Environment 16 Outcomes 18 Company Overview 20 Environment, Social and Governance 24 Board of Directors 28 Executive Leadership Team 30 Values and Ethics 31 Risk Management 32 Directors Report 39 Auditor’s Independence Declaration 40 Remuneration Report (audited) 57 Financial Report 90 Directors Declaration 91 Independent Auditors Report 96 Shareholder Information Redbubble Limited | ABN: 11 119 200 592 This Report covers Redbubble Limited as a consolidated entity consisting of Redbubble Limited (referred to in this report as Redbubble or the Company) and its controlled entities. Redbubble is a company limited by shares, incorporated and domiciled in Australia (ACN 1192002592). Its registered office is at Level 12, 697 Collins Street Docklands VIC 3008 Australia. Redbubble is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:RBL). Through the use of the internet, the Company ensures that our corporate reporting is timely, complete and available globally. All press releases, financial reports and other information are available on the Redbubble Investor Centre at 01 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

Rosie Sayers Featured artist For as long as I can remember, I have always been making and creating things. Finding and testing out different mediums. My mother and grandmother are both full time artists, so they have always encouraged me to create since I was very young. However, I found collage as a medium when studying my Bachelor of Graphic Design in 2014. I find my inspiration in my dreams, the places my mind visits when I’m asleep. I also find inspiration from photographs found in vintage magazines in op shops. Sometimes I build an entire collage based around a single image that inspires me. My work is a psychedelic exploration of colour and textures with a soft and feminine colour palette. My art varies in subject matter and themes. However my most popular works of my otherworldly landscapes, aim to transport the viewer to a realm of their dreams or another dimension. I have sold my artwork exclusively on Redbubble since 2017 because Redbubble takes the stress out of owning a shop for me. It saves me hours of time and money as I don’t have to pack and ship orders myself, or pre order stock. The marketplace is easy to navigate for sellers and buyers and the quality and range of the products is outstanding. 02 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 03 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

Redbubble Group’s marketplaces enable artists such as Rosie to quickly upload an artwork to their marketplace of choice. Consumers are then able to find that unique piece of art and purchase it on up to 107 products, ranging from t-shirts and caps to wall art, phone cases and the new range of pet products. Once purchased, the product is printed and shipped directly to the customer. The reach of the global fulfillment network that services the marketplaces means that in most cases the product purchased is fulfilled in the same geographic region as the customer. 04 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 05 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

FY2022 Snapshot Gross Transaction Value $630m Gross Profit $183m Selling artists 809k Unique customers 8.3m Marketplace Revenue $483m EBITDA ($11m) Artist Revenue $91m Cash Balance $89m Fulfiller locations 44 Marketplace Revenue from repeat purchases 46% Sales on mobile devices 60% Active Members 14.4m Europe and United Kingdom 23% Marketplace revenue Australia and New Zealand 7% Marketplace revenue North America 69% Marketplace revenue Third party fulfiller locations Group Employees Redbubble Group Offices 1 Melbourne 2 San Francisco 3 New York 4 Berlin 22 USA 149 Australia 4 Australia 6 UK 169 USA 3 Canada 9 EU 31 EU 1 2 3 4 06 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 07 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

Chairman’s Message On behalf of the Redbubble Board of Directors, I am pleased to present the 2022 Annual Report. After a year of record financial results in FY2021, the past year has been a year of consolidation for the Redbubble Group during which we have undertaken important measures to provide a solid foundation for the next step up in the business while still achieving sound financial and operating results. As I noted in last year’s report, the pandemic had a profound impact on consumer behaviour and accelerated the shift to online e-commerce platforms. However, while there were clear indicators that this shift would be This has not distracted the Board or the management team from our roles and we continue to actively investigate value enhancing options on behalf of all stakeholders. Our priority for FY2023 remains to invest organically, recognising that inorganic opportunities that could assist in the acceleration of shareholder value will also be considered. At its heart Redbubble is a company with a purpose beyond financial results and our purpose of bringing more creativity into the world remains central to everything we do. As the world continued to endure COVID outbreaks with health impacts and intermittent lockdowns, our staff continued to show extraordinary care for each other and the artist community and consumers that the marketplaces service. Given the strong commitment to purpose, it was no surprise that our management and staff wanted to take action to assist the victims of the tragic events in Ukraine in 2022 and almost immediately arrangements were made to donate Redbubble’s profits on it’s service fees from sales of products by over 16,000 artists supportive of Ukraine. This showed the ability to respond quickly to an important world event and harness the marketplace for good when needed with $170,000 being donated by Redbubble to charities supporting victims of the conflict. In last year’s annual report, we provided information in relation to the Group’s approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. While a small environmental footprint is an intrinsic element of our business model, we thought it important for the Group to more clearly integrate ESG into our strategy and decision making in the future. This year we provide some further detail in this report in relation to our approach to ESG and the metrics we consider important to measuring our progress. We look forward to publishing our inaugural Sustainability Report ahead of our Annual General Meeting in October 2022. As part of ongoing Board renewal, in the latter part of FY2022, the Board commenced a process for selection and appointment of an additional director with experience in scaling e-commerce marketplaces and brand building. It is expected that this additional director will be appointed before the end of 2022. In closing, I would like to thank the talented artists who choose Redbubble to bring more creativity into the world, our network of third party fulfillers and content licensing partners and the customers who continue to use our marketplaces in increasing numbers. Thank you also to my fellow Directors, Michael and the Executive Leadership Team and the many committed employees of the Group for their ongoing contribution. I would also like to welcome all new employees who have joined us over the past year. Finally, thank you to our shareholders for your continued support as we realise our ambition of creating the world’s largest marketplace for independent artists Anne Ward Chairman enduring, the extent to which the shift would be ongoing was less clear. I am pleased to report that in FY2022 our business retained many of the customers introduced to our marketplaces during the pandemic. This is reflected in our financial results for the year and other metrics such as volume of packages shipped, repeat purchasers and number of artists. Our business is now substantially larger than pre-COVID and this stepup is consistent with historical growth patterns which have often not been linear. The past year has been a period of consolidating gains and building resilience in the business which “ At its heart Redbubble is a company with a purpose beyond financial results and our purpose of bringing more creativity into the world remains central to everything we do.” we see as critically important to securing the next phase of future growth. The investment in our marketplace and staff over the past year, together with a stable and talented executive team and Board means the Group is well positioned to achieve our medium-term growth aspirations. Notwithstanding these positive indicators for the Group, it is clear that there has been a cyclical shift in sentiment away from the broader technology sector, in part due to the reduction in the rapid growth experienced by the sector during the first two years of the pandemic. This change in sentiment has affected Redbubble also. 08 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 09 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

CEO’s Review I am delighted to be presenting my second annual review as CEO of Redbubble Limited. The Redbubble and TeePublic businesses are unique 3-sided marketplaces operating at a remarkable level of scale. The marketplaces produce a genuine “flywheel” effect, where improvements to one side generates value to the other two. The marketplaces start with the Artists, their content and the products they choose to sell. Tens of millions of Artists’ designs create billions of Individual Product Listings on our marketplaces, attracting millions of customers. As customers make purchases, this creates fulfilment delivered financial results largely in line with expectations, demonstrating that the business has continued to operate at a much larger scale than pre COVID-19. In summary, at the Group level, Gross Transaction Value across the marketplaces was $630 million for the year, down 10% year on year and 12% on a constant currency basis, Marketplace Revenue was $483 million, down 13% year on year and 14% on a constant currency basis and NPAT was ($25 million) compared to $31 million in FY2021. We are particularly proud that Artist revenue of $91 million was earned by a record high 809,000 selling artists across the two marketplaces, demonstrating the significant impact the Group is deliving for the community of creative Artists who use our platforms to design and sell products and connect with their customers. It should be noted that the Group’s year on year growth rates were materially impacted by the $55 million of mask sales that occurred in FY2021. Mask sales in FY2022 were $10 million. On an underlying basis (excluding both mask sales and statutory delivery date adjustments to revenue), underlying Marketplace Revenue for FY2022 was down 2.6% from the prior year. Viewed across the longer term, Marketplace Revenue has grown at 38% since FY2020. In FY2022, the Group continued its focus on 4 key strategic themes and 2 key enablers: 1. Artist acquisition and engagement 2. User acquisition and transaction optimisation 3. Customer understanding, loyalty and brand building 4. Product range and third party fulfilment network 5. Business enablement 6. Risk mitigation This reflects our disciplined approach to investing to drive sustainable growth for the medium and long term. During the year, we invested significantly in additional people to boost our internal capacity and capability. Our employee base is geographically distributed (Primarily San Francisco, Melbourne, New York and Berlin) and subject to talent markets within those geographies. Ongoing COVID-19 impacts have resulted in talent pools being constrained and competition for individuals has been high. This has meant a slower build up of capacity than initially forecast, however we enter FY2023 with a large proportion of hiring complete. In FY2022, we have hired more than 100 new staff and contractors into the Redbubble business which has significantly boosted our capacity, particularly within the product and engineering teams. This is especially important as these teams are focused on improving our technical foundations. A key strategic priority for the Group was to ensure we extended the market leadership we had established through the significant increase in both artists and customers in FY2021. To this end, the Group invested substantially in both the artist and customer experiences to improve loyalty and retention and to ensure long-term growth. I am pleased to report that in FY2022 artist uploads continued to grow from the prior year baseline. In addition, customers who made their first transaction during FY2020 or FY2021 have demonstrated the same repeat behaviour as cohorts that made their first transaction in FY2019. This was reflected in strong overall customer retention across both marketplaces in FY2022 with 46% of Marketplace Revenue from repeat purchases. Investments into the physical product experience continued, with caps, desk mats and mouse pads added to the Redbubble marketplace. In addition, Redbubble introduced a Pets category in May 2022, the first new category launched in over 6 years. This is an important step, as new physical products open up new customer segments for artists as well as provide additional annuity income streams for artists over time. The third party fulfilment network continued to perform strongly even with the headwinds of continued COVID-19 restrictions, sourcing constraints and inflationary pressures. Both marketplaces were able to extend last order by delivery dates in the 2021 holiday season by 4-6 days, and work with the third party fulfillment network to reduce production (order to ship) times. Given the uncertain macroeconomic environment, it is important to have a sound balance sheet that is capable of both weathering near term headwinds and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. The Group held $89 million in cash as at 30 June 2022, and has no debt on the balance sheet. A portion of these cash reserves are being used to fund our internal investments, with the remaining cash balance both providing a working capital buffer and important operational flexibility. Overall, the Group’s outcomes demonstrate continued resilience across all three sides of the marketplaces. Longer term shareholders will recall that in April 2021, I shared our mediumterm aspirations. We remain committed to these aspirations that represent a step-change in business scale and artist impact through growth of our key topline metrics of Gross Transaction Value to $1.5 billion p.a., Marketplace Revenue to $1.25 billion p.a. and Artist Revenue to $250 million p.a. I look forward to reporting on progress in the coming years. I would like to close by thanking the staff at Redbubble and TeePublic for their commitment and dedication and Anne and the Board for their ongoing support. Michael Ilczynski Chief Executive Officer The easing of COVID restrictions meant that the Board was able to meet in person with the full Executive team in Melbourne in May. This was a very valuable session that helped to further align the Board and executive team on our vision and strategy. During the year, the macro environment in which our marketplaces operate was one of uncertainty and volatility exacerbated by supply chain disruptions, increased inflationary pressures impacting consumer spending and exogenous shocks such as the war in Ukraine. Notwithstanding the operating environmental challenges, the Group efficiencies, lowering costs and attracting more customers. More customers incentivises Artists to add even more designs, and the flywheel starts over. As you will be aware, the COVID-19 pandemic continued to challenge us all in FY2022. However, the easing of COVID restrictions meant that our employees were able to return to our offices enabling greater in person communication on a regular basis. In March, I was pleased to be able to travel and meet our US-based executives and other staff in person for the first time. I came away from those meetings even more impressed by the skill and resilience of our team and their commitment to the Redbubble purpose. 11 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 10 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

Steve Leadbeater Featured artist I’ve exhibited my work since the early 1990s, but I’ve been drawing my whole life. It’s what kept me out of trouble while growing up in the suburbs. My style is something that I’m forever trying to break and recreate, but others have described my work as art brut, outsider art and neo-expressionist. For me, the work is not complete until it has been viewed by other people. I draw inspiration from my suburban life of contrasts and also from a broad spectrum of cultural and artistic influences from Bacon, Warhol and Basquiat to Patti Smith and the Clash. I’ve been selling my work on the Redbubble marketplace since its early days in 2008. The supportive community of independent artists really gives me a sense of comradery. The marketplace also provides the opportunity to reach a wider audience and not have to worry about production or delivery. 13 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 12 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

Steve is one of over 800,000 artists who sold products through the marketplaces in FY2022. Artists have earned almost $200 million in the past 2 years through the marketplaces and it is our aspiration to grow this to $250 million per year over the medium term. 15 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 14 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

Operating Environment Gross Transaction Value (GTV) of $630 million down 10% (12% on a constant currency basis) Marketplace Revenue of $483 million down 13% (14% on a constant currency basis) Overview Company Overview Governance Financial Report Additional Information The macro environment in which our marketplaces operate has been characterised by high levels of uncertainty and volatility. Redbubble is truly global in nature, with 69% of marketplace revenue coming from North America, 23% from Europe and 7% from Australia and New Zealand. Whilst this provides strong resilience and diversity, it does mean that events occurring in other regions have more of an impact upon strategy and performance than local events here in Australia. Artists on Redbubble design and sell products printed with their artwork to individual consumers, and these consumers have not only had to adapt to the ongoing nature of COVID-19, they have also been impacted by other events. In particular, the Ukraine conflict, supply chain disruptions and more recently, a sustained increase in non discretionary costs. These events are resulting in material and sometimes unpredictable changes in current consumer spending patterns. Outcomes In FY2022, the business has continued to operate at a much larger scale than pre COVID-19. Redbubble’s FY2022 financial metrics are: • Gross Transaction Value (GTV) of $630 million • Marketplace Revenue of $483 million • Gross Profit of $183 million • An EBITDA loss of $11 million • An EBIT loss of $22 million • A net loss after tax (NPAT) of $25 million • An operating cash inflow of $3 million • A closing cash balance as at 30 June 2022 of $89 million 16 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 17 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

Company Overview Business Model Redbubble Group operates two digital marketplaces – Redbubble and TeePublic. Marketplaces are especially difficult to create as without buyers there are no sellers and without sellers no buyers, but once established they have considerable resilience. They typically also have a second inflection point as the offering is accepted by more mainstream consumers with even more rapid uptake by the sellers. The Group is now moving through this point as in the last year: • we had 809,000 selling artists; • they earned a total of $91 million; • they attracted 8.3 million customers; • who bought $630 million from these artists; and • with the products created from 44 fulfilment locations all over the world. Redbubble operates a unique threesided marketplace with genuine flywheel effects where improving one side creates a positive reinforcing impact on the other side. It is a flywheel because the greater number of artists in the marketplace, the higher the volume of relevant content which creates more reasons for customers to come to the marketplace. More customers enables the fulfilment network to scale, lowering costs and improving services, thus attracting additional customers. With more customers, comes more artist revenue, encouraging new artists to the platform adding more content and the cycle continues. The third arm of the marketplace is the fulfilment network. It is this network which enables an artist in South Africa to sell wall art to someone in Italy. The network has taken over a decade to build and is without parallel in any other marketplace. With 44 fulfiller locations at 30 June 2022, the majority of products sold are fulfilled by a third party fulfiller local to the same geographic region as the customer who bought them. There are 107 products available in the marketplaces and 7 new products that were added last year. The RB Group Flywheel Our Strategy The Group’s mission is to create the world’s largest marketplace for independent artists, to enable our vision of being the most loved place at the intersection of expression, empowerment, and commerce - bringing every person the very thing that gives them joy. To achieve this mission we have a very clear set of mid term aspirational outcomes: FY22 FY26-FY27 Implications for next 4-5 years Artist Revenue $90.8m $250m+ Step change in value for Artists Marketplace Revenue $482.6m $1.25b+ Grow MPR at historical CAGR of 20-30% GP (% of MPR) 38.0% 40-42% Improving margin structure through scale and efficiencies Marketing (%) 15.8% 12-15% Improve paid marketing efficiency to enable brand investment Operating expenses (%) 22.9% 12-15% Realise scale efficiencies in core systems and processes EBITDA (%) (2.32)% 13-18% In the short-term EBITDA as a percent of MPR will reflect ongoing investments across the business Key Strategic Themes To enable these outcomes we are investing in four key strategic theme areas, which contain the high potential levers to drive value over the medium and long term: Artist activation and engagement Acquisition and engagement of artists to support growth and improvement of the library of unique content User aquisition and transaction optimisation Ongoing optimisation of user acquisition and transaction flows to drive uplift in overall user value Customer understanding, loyalty and brand building Deeper understanding of customers and their behaviour to create more compelling experiences and increased customer loyalty Product range and 3rd party fulfilment network Addition and changes to available product range from 3rd party fulfilment network to reinforce user acquisition and customer loyalty 18 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 19 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

Environment, Social and Governance The Redbubble marketplace was created to be a platform for social good and our stakeholders are passionate about our mission. We believe we have a responsibility to the artists and customers that use the Redbubble and TeePublic marketplaces to ensure that our platforms are a place for environmentally and socially responsible products. Redbubble’s marketplace business model, since its inception, has always emphasised a small environmental footprint together with a strong focus on social good. Still, we recognize the responsibility every company, including Redbubble, has to shine as bright a light as possible upon the environmental and social impacts that are front of mind for ourselves and our stakeholders. We also recognise the immediate value a well-articulated ESG Strategy can have for shareholders and our business. For our business, formalizing our ESG strategy enables us to ensure we devote resources to areas of greatest impact and ensure ESG related investments relate to our core business strategy. For shareholders, this translates to better business outcomes and demonstrates that our success is sustainable; not further depleting material resources, accelerating environmental tragedies, or occurring at the expense of people. In our FY21 report, we foreshadowed our commitment to further evolve our ESG strategy, including baselining key metrics, and setting specific goals. This year, we’re proud to introduce specific, measurable, time-bound targets, which tie directly back to our ESG areas of ambition and maintain continuity with Redbubble’s long-standing emphasis on environmental and social good. Further details about our ESG Strategy will be shared in a dedicated ESG report to be released later this year. ESG Strategy Redbubble Group is proud to launch our inaugural ESG Strategy, which connects our vision, ambitions and targets. Our ESG vision - first outlined in our FY21 Annual Report - remains the same today: build an enduring marketplace that connects people through creativity and empowers our community without comprising the planet. We directed our vision toward three areas of ambition: People, Planet, and Prosperity. We also conducted a materiality assessment to set targets on the most impactful areas through benchmarking, research on industry trends and interviews with employees, customers, fulfillers, and marketplace users. Our 2025 ESG targets, described in further detail below, were approved by the Board in June 2022. We intend to track our progress towards the targets set out below and to report on our performance annually. We expect to refine our targets over time based on learnings and new developments within our business, external signals, and stakeholder feedback. Governance of ESG within the Group sits with the following personnel: • The Board has ultimate oversight of, and accountability for ESG within the Group, which includes approving the ESG Strategy, reporting, materiality assessments, and action plans. • In FY22, the Group hired a Vice President of ESG who is responsible for developing and executing the Group’s ESG Strategy. • Executive Team members reporting to the CEO are accountable for the Group’s 2025 ESG targets. • Senior Leaders reporting into the Executive team are responsible for executing initiatives that ladder up to the 2025 targets. People At Redbubble Group, we strive to create a workforce where all employees feel a strong sense of belonging. We care deeply about diversity and inclusion, and proudly embrace the opportunity we have to use our platform to celebrate the unique work of artists and positively impact our local communities. We aim to enable our people to positively impact our culture and community. Employees want to work for companies they trust and have purpose, so they feel proud about the work they are doing knowing they are contributing to environmental and social good. zero salary discrepancy between genders 40% Continued 40% or greater representation of women in senior leadership positions 100% of employees feel safe and a sense of belonging ESG Strategy Targets Key Employee Metrics: • 349 “Bubblers” are employed by Redbubble Group globally • 40% of Directors and 60% of Executives are women • 43% in Australia, 48% in the United States and 9% in Europe • 94% work full time; 6% are part time • 140 new joined Redbubble in FY22 • 15 employees took parental leave • 4 average training hours per employee • 3 active, executive-sponsored affinity groups (LGBTQI+, All Gender, Neurodiversity) • 2 Engagement Surveys (84% Participation; 69% Engagement, 85% Belonging) Community Impact Our mission to create the world’s largest marketplace for independent artists is rooted in community impact as we create opportunities for artists to generate income from their work. Beyond this, we support our employeeled and executive sponsored initiatives that give back to communities. FY2022 community initiatives included: • Conflict in Ukraine – Almost immediately following the commencement of the conflict in Ukraine, Redbubble and TeePublic aligned to donate 100% of its service fee profits $170,000 from sales by artists supportive of the Ukrainian people to two non-profits: International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Global Giving. • Pride and IDAHOBIT* – we support LGBTQIA+ events and dates both globally and locally every year. This year, we supported the San Francisco Pride organisation in reviving the in-person celebration and fundraising efforts. Redbubble also made a donation of USD$5,000 and employees celebrated through our Pride Fundraiser and Pride VIP party. • Product donations – We donated apparel, face masks and homewares to Launch Housing that were returned to the Redbubble marketplace. • Museum of Comic and Cartoon Arts (MoCCa) Festival – TeePublic sponsored the MoCCA Arts Festival, which is the largest comics and cartoon festival. Participating artists can connect with peers, publishers and editors and reach potential customers. • Pillar Project – We partnered with Just Another Agency to launch the Pillar Program: an initiative designed to keep employees connected to the local arts community. Work by local street artists is transformed into large-scale works that appear on 12 concrete columns. To provide exposure to more artists, the columns are updated monthly with new artists chosen through Instagram competition. * International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism & Transphobia. 21 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 20 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

Environment, Social and Governance Continued Waste management The Redbubble Group business model has been designed to minimise waste and we are holding ourselves accountable by signing up for measureable waste and emissions reducing targets. As a digital marketplace, customers view products online rather than driving to a physical store, and third party fulfillers manufacture products on-demand, which keeps waste to a minimum by eliminating pre-printed, unsold stock. Carbon emissions The delivery of products from third party fulfillers to customers by third party shippers produces emissions. Fortunately, on our marketplace, the majority of third party fulfillers are located in the same regions to which they ship. For the fourth consecutive year, Redbubble Group has offset the emissions from marketplace shipments through 3Degrees. This initiative has been positively received by artists and their customers. The details of the 2021 purchases are listed on the Redbubble Social Responsibility pages. We track the emissions offset by calendar year. Product quality High quality products last longer, reduce waste, and result in fewer emissions from product returns. We set clear expectations with third-party fulfillers to continually improve their product quality with the aim of reducing returns and reprints to minimise waste. In FY2023, we will continue to emphasize product quality in pursuit of our 2025 target to reduce product returns by 15% to the marketplace. 15% Reduce waste across our marketplace, with a focus on reducing product return rate by 15% from 2021 baseline Net zero Scope 1 and 2 emissions and net zero marketplace shipping emissions ESG Strategy Targets 100% of third-party fulfillers aligned to our Social Responsibility Manual 100% increase in total artist revenue ESG Strategy Targets Planet Every company, Redbubble included, has an imperative to identify ways - whether through direct control or influence - to positively impact the planet. We recognise - even with the smaller footprint of a print-on-demand marketplace - that third parties who participate in our marketplace create waste and emissions. Even though Redbubble does not own or control the independent businesses who produce or ship products sold through our marketplace, we feel we have a responsibility - emboldened by our stakeholders - to minimize the overall impact of our marketplace on the environment. It’s what led us to offset the emissions created by third party carriers for over four years. Prosperity Redbubble Group aims to empower and protect people who design, sell, make and use products from our marketplace. Our business unlocks opportunities for artists by connecting them with their customers on a global scale. In doing so, we support artists to raise their profile and grow their businesses. These economic benefits extend to third-party fulfillers that manufacture and deliver products to the artists’ customers. Artists and their customers care about the work that we do and choose our marketplaces because they believe in our mission and the opportunities we create for artists. This business model enables our work to support SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth by providing meaningful work opportunities to small independently-operated businesses. Our mission to bring more creativity into the world would not be possible without the highest standards of integrity. All marketplace users are expected to behave in a fair and ethical way, and we extend these expectations to the third-party fulfillers who participate in our marketplace. We expect high standards of sustainability, quality and integrity through the entire community of marketplace participants. Artist empowerment The Redbubble and TeePublic marketplaces empower artists by providing them with a reputable platform to design and sell products printed with their art. Our global artist marketplace is open to all and celebrates work from every voice. We have dedicated services to support artists on both Redbubble and TeePublic, including account support, early access to new product choices for their shops, and access to online trend reports. To increase the value of our platform to artists, we provide artists with online tools so they can advertise their products on third-party ad platforms and their social media accounts. We pay close attention to cultural moments (such as Black Lives Matter) and causes (such as the conflict in Ukraine) to identify opportunities to showcase artists whose work aligns with these moments. We are proud of the work we do to support artists; however, we recognise that there are opportunities for improvement. We want to support our artists to earn more, and we have set the ambitious target to increase artist sales on our marketplace by 100% by 2025. To support our artist community, we work continuously to ensure that our marketplace only hosts original and high-quality work. We have extensive proactive measures in place and collaborations with many global brands worldwide to remove fraudulent, infringing, and low-quality content, and this is an area that we will continue to invest in and scale as the marketplace grows. Supply Chain Sustainability Redbubble Group does not own or control the third party fulfillers who produce the products sold on the marketplaces. They are independentlyoperated businesses located around the world, the vast majority of which are small businesses. However, we set clear expectations with fulfillers that only businesses who comply with the law, respect human rights and provide safe and inclusive workplaces may participate in our marketplace. Intertek, an independent auditor conducts social responsibility audits for the marketplace as a part of the approval process to participate in our marketplace. The audits are focused on assessing workplace conditions. At July 2022, 42% of third party fulfillers have completed their audits with Intertek, with an expected completion rate of 100% later this year. Key metrics • Total number of independent third party fulfillers: 33 • Emissions and offsets from marketplace shipping: 6,949 Metric Tons • Product return rate: 1.3% (CY22) Key metrics • Total number of selling artists: 809,000 • Total artist revenue: $91 million • 100% of third party fulfillers signed the Social Responsibility Acknowledgement Form Governance Corporate Governance The Redbubble Board is committed to promoting a culture of integrity, ethical behaviour and respect. The Board strives for the highest governance and risk management standards. To succeed in the Group’s mission and purpose – to bring more creativity into the world in a fair and ethical way, the Group relies on strong governance practices to help it navigate rapidly evolving regulations and stakeholder expectations. 23 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 22 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

Board of Directors The Directors bring strong corporate governance credentials and on‑target industry experience to the Redbubble Board. Anne is a highly experienced company director with extensive experience in business management, strategy, finance, risk and governance across a range of industries including financial services, technology, healthcare, government, education, tourism and entertainment. In addition to chairing Redbubble, Anne is independent Chairman of Symbio Holdings Ltd (ASX: SYM) a Director of the Foundation for Imaging Research, and a Governor of the Howard Florey Neuroscience Institutes and was until June 2022 a director of Crown Resorts Ltd (ASX: CRL) and a Council member of RMIT University. Anne was formerly Chairman of Colonial First State Investments Ltd, Chairman of Qantas Superannuation Ltd, Chairman of Zoos Victoria and a director of MYOB Group Ltd (ASX: MYO), Flexigroup Ltd (ASX: HUM), the Transport Accident Commission, Epworth Hospital and the Brain Research Institute. Prior to becoming a professional director, Anne was a commercial lawyer for 28 years and was General Counsel for Australia at the National Australia Bank and a partner at Minter Ellison in Melbourne. Anne holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a Life Member of ASFA. Directorships of other listed entities in the last three years: Symbio Holdings Ltd (formerly MNF Group Ltd) (ASX:SYM) – July 2021 – present Crown Resorts Ltd (ASX:CWN) – October 2021 – June 2022 Jenny brings extensive expertise in corporate finance, accounting, and auditing, coupled with a strong focus on and understanding of market trends, customer and consumer behaviour. She spent her executive career in customer facing organisations primarily in technology, retail, travel services and manufacturing, where she was responsible for strategic turnaround and digital transformation. Her last executive role was CFO and interim CEO at Helloworld Limited (ASX: HLO), where she oversaw the merger with AOT Group. Prior to that, Jenny was the CFO and General Manager International of REA Group (ASX: REA), with responsibility for the financial growth strategy and execution for operations in South East Asia and parts of Europe. Jenny holds a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Swinburne University (Victoria) and a Bachelor of Commerce from Deakin University (Victoria). She is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants ANZ. Directorships of other listed entities in the last three years: Site Minder Ltd (ASX:SDR) – October 2021 to present Healius Ltd (ASX:HLS) – November 2020 to present Property Guru (NYSE:PGRU) – September 2019 to present. Bapcor Ltd (ASX:BAP) – September 2018 to present Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (ASX:API) – November 2017 to March 2022 Redflow Ltd (ASX:RFX) – December 2017 to September 2019 Ms Anne Ward Independent Non‑Executive Chairman Appointed: Non-Executive Director from 22 March 2018, Chairman from March 2020 Board Committees: Audit and Risk, People, Remuneration and Nomination, Disclosure (Chair) Jenny Macdonald Non‑Executive Director Appointed: 22 February 2018 Board Committees: Audit and Risk (Chair), People, Remuneration and Nomination, Disclosure Ben Heap Independent Non-Executive Director Appointed: 20 April 2020 Board Committees: Audit and Risk, People, Remuneration and Nomination (Chair), Disclosure Greg Lockwood Independent Non-Executive Director Appointed: 1 June 2015 Board Committees: Audit and Risk, Disclosure Ben Heap is a Sydney-based nonexecutive director with a portfolio of public and private roles. Ben is the interim Chairman of The Star Entertainment Group Limited (ASX: SGR), a non-executive director of Pendal Group Limited (ASX: PDL), the Independent Chairman of CBA New Digital Businesses and a non-executive director of Avanteos Investments Limited. He is also a founding partner and chairman of H2 Ventures, a venture capital investment firm. Ben ended his executive career as CEO of UBS Global Asset Management in Sydney and a Managing Director with UBS in New York. He has extensive experience in a range of sectors including asset management, digital & technology transformation, fintech & data science innovation and venture capital investment. Ben has bachelor’s degrees in Science (Mathematics) and Commerce (Finance) from the University of NSW and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Directorships of other listed entities in the last three years: Pendal Group Ltd (ASX:PDL) – March 2022 to present Star Entertainment Group Ltd (ASX:SGR) – May 2018 to present Greg is a partner of Piton Capital, which is a shareholder in Redbubble. In 1999, Greg founded UBS Capital’s early stage venture investing activities in Europe. Subsequently, he co-founded Piton Capital, the London-based venture capital fund specialising in marketplaces and business models with network effects. Prior to his venture capital activities, Greg worked in telecommunications corporate finance with UBS in London and Zurich and held operating roles in classified media publishing in Toronto. Greg has an Honours Business degree from the University of Western Ontario, and a Master’s degree in management from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Directorships of other listed entities in the last three years: Nil Martin Hosking is a co-founder of Redbubble and was Managing Director and CEO from July 2010 to September 2018 and from February 2020 to January 2021. He has spent over 20 years scaling Australian technology companies and has previously been the chair of Aconex, a SaaS provider to construction firms, and Southern Innovation, a digital pulse processing solution. Martin was instrumental in the development and subsequent listing on the NASDAQ of search company, LookSmart. Martin started his career as a diplomat with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade before joining McKinsey & Company, serving clients focusing on emerging technologies. Martin has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons – First class) degree from the University of Melbourne and an MBA (with distinction) from Melbourne Business School, where he has also lectured. Martin is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Directorships of other listed entities in the last three years: Nil Martin Hosking Co-Founder/ Non-Executive Director Appointed: 10 April 2006 Board Committees: People, Remuneration and Nomination, Disclosure 25 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 24 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

Board Tenure, Independence and Gender Diversity Tenure <1 year 0 1 – <3 years 20% 3 – 6 years 40% Over 6 years 40% Independence Independent 80% Non-independent 20% Gender Diversity Male 60% Female 40% Board Skills The Board recognises the importance of having an appropriate mix of experience and expertise to ensure the Group is properly managed to protect and enhance shareholder interests. The Board considers that, collectively, the Directors have the range of skills, knowledge and experience necessary to direct the Company with substantial skills in the following areas: Skill 1. Internet marketplaces 2. Redbubble’s marketplace users 3. CEO and leadership oversight 4. Talent and remuneration 5. Strategy and planning 6. Digital and transformation 7. Corporate finance 8. Accounting and financial reporting 9. Governance oversight and risk management 10. Legal 11. Brand and marketing 12. Technology and data 13. Communications (including government and corporate affairs) 14. Sustainability Board of Directors continued Board Independence The Board supports the ASX Corporate Governance recommendation that the majority of Directors should be independent. The Board has formally adopted guidelines in relation to the criteria for independence of Directors and reviews the independence of each Director in light of interests disclosed to the Board. The Board considers that Non-Executive Directors Anne Ward, Ben Heap, Jenny Macdonald and Greg Lockwood were independent and free from any business or any other relationship that could materially interfere with the independent exercise of their judgement and were able to fulfil the role of independent Directors for the purposes of the ASX Recommendations. Board Performance The Board recognises the need to monitor and seek to continually improve its performance. To this end, each year the Board assesses its performance, identifies any areas for improvement and implements appropriate actions. The FY2022 performance review was carried out with the support of an external consultant enabling better identification of priority areas and benchmarking of results against other similar organisations. Actions identified by the performance review were documented and implemented under the oversight of the Board Chairman. Board Committees The Board recognises the importance of an appropriate committee structure to assist the efficient and effective operation of the Board. The key purposes of the company’s Board Committees are to promote: Efficient use of time and expertise. In this regard, the Committee structure allows Directors with particular skills and expertise to assume a primary role in particular areas of operations or governance at a Committee level; Good governance as the framework provides for Committees to report back to the full Board and where Directors on the Board who have not been part of the Committee deliberations can question and test the Committee recommendations. The Board has three standing committees. These are: • Audit and Risk Committee; • People, Remuneration and Nomination Committee; • Disclosure Committee. Each Committee has adopted a formal Board approved Charter that details its role, responsibilities, membership and administration which are reviewed annually. The Committee structure complies with all ASX Governance Recommendations. Shareholder Engagement The Board is committed to making sure that Shareholders are kept informed of all major developments affecting the Company and its business, including information that enables Shareholders to assess the performance of the Board. To keep current and potential investors who wish to obtain information about the Company informed, the Company has an investor relations program managed by our Head of Investor Relations. Under this program, the Company communicates information regularly to Shareholders and other stakeholders through a range of forums and publications in addition to periodic and continuous disclosure required by the ASX LIsting Rules. These include: • The Annual Report distributed to Shareholders; • The Half-Yearly and quarterly results presentations which are available on the Company’s website; • The Annual General Meeting; • Announcements to the ASX; • Investor information through the Company’s investor website at site/content/. All ASX announcements made to the market, including annual and halfyear financial results, are posted on the Company’s website as soon as practicable following the release by the ASX. The full text of all notices of meetings and explanatory material, the Company’s Annual Report and copies of all investor presentations made to analysts and media briefings are also posted on the Company’s website following release to the ASX. Shareholders are also able to communicate with Directors at the Annual General Meeting. This year the Company will hold a ‘hybrid’ AGM. This will allow a face-to-face meeting with Shareholders, while enabling virtual attendance for those who may find it difficult to physically attend and participate in the meeting. 27 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 26 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022

Executive Leadership Team The Company has skilled and experienced executives with a growth mindset led by Chief Executive Officer, Michael Ilczynski. Prior to Michael’s appointment as Redbubble CEO, he spent 13 years at SEEK, leading teams across strategy, product & technology and commercial operations, culminating as CEO Asia Pacific & Americas. As SEEK’s CEO AP&A, Michael led over 3000 employees operating the leading online employment marketplaces in 11 countries, covering the SEEK, Jora, Jobstreet, JobsDB, Catho and OCC businesses. Prior to working at SEEK, Michael has worked for McKinsey & Company, Tabcorp and the Collingwood Football Club. Michael also served in the Australian Army Ready Reserve and is a graduate of the Royal Military College, Duntroon. Michael holds Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce degrees from Melbourne University and a Master of Business Administration from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University. Michael Ilczynski Chief Executive Officer Appointed: January 2021 Emma is responsible for finance, investor relations, M&A and the Company Secretariat function within the Group. Prior to joining Redbubble, she was with ANZ Bank for a decade holding a variety of executive roles, with the most recent being CFO of ANZ’s Technology Division. Emma has previously been both CFO and Managing Director for the Diners Club business in Australia. Emma’s priorities include ensuring sound financial management of the Group and continuous improvement in all systems, processes and people development; contributing to overall business strategy, from a capital management perspective and in support of business unit prioritisation; and ongoing management of external communications, primarily within the investment community. Emma has a Bachelor of Business from Monash University and is CPA qualified. Emma Clark Chief Financial Officer Appointed: June 2019 Rebecca is responsible for brand, creative and marketing at Redbubble. She joined Redbubble in 2017 to lead customer engagement strategy. Since 2019, she has overseen Redbubble’s global marketing strategy and creative operations program. Prior to joining Redbubble, Rebecca built her career across a broad range of roles in eCommerce, Marketing, and the Fine Arts. She has worked for brands including HBO, NBCUniversal, Food Network as well as the Lora Schlesinger Gallery and the Rubins Museum of Art. Her key priorities include growing brand awareness and ensuring growth in customer acquisition and retention for the marketplaces. Rebecca has completed executive education at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Rebecca Zarate Chief Marketing Officer Appointed: January 2020 Siebert is responsible for ensuring that technology at Redbubble is an ongoing and growing strategic strength. His early career was spent as a software engineer, first in the UK and then later in Australia. He has been in technology leadership positions for over 10 years. Siebert was previously Chief Engineer at Open Universities Australia. Before that he served as Executive Manager of Engineering for Residential at REA Group. HIs priorities include leading and facilitating the engineering vision at Redbubble, building and maintaining a strong engineering culture, ensuring that engineering at Redbubble supports and enables strategic priorities and future opportunities and working in close collaboration with Product and Design to ensure ongoing value realisation in our cross-functional teams. Siebert holds a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from University of Pretoria, South Africa. Siebert Lubbe Chief Technology Officer Appointed: February 2022 Nicole is responsible for the digital product priorities, outcomes and roadmap that inform how the website is evolved to meet the needs of artists, consumers and fulfillers. Before joining Redbubble, Nicole spent a year at Xero as an Executive General Manager leading Product and Engineering teams. Prior to Xero, Nicole was at SEEK for 15 years, holding a variety of roles, with the most recent being APAC CPO. Her priorities include driving improvements across the site that help artists efficiently upload and manage their content, facilitating how that content is discovered and purchased by consumers, and ensuring effective management of fulfilment requirements of purchased goods. Nicole holds a Bachelor of Business from Swinburne. Nicole Brolan Chief Product Officer Appointed: May 2021 Meahan is responsible for global people and culture strategy including talent acquisition, retention and performance culture. Meahan has significant experience leading global P&C functions supporting teams in the US, Canada, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. She has been Chief People Officer at Afterpay, MessageMedia and SEEK Ltd. Her priorities include securing the best talent for Redbubble, evolving people operations and culture to take on global growth and scale and championing Redbubble’s reputation as an employer that promotes diversity, equality and inclusion in all aspects of its operations. Meahan holds a Bachelor of Business (HR Management) from Victoria University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology from Deakin University. Meahan Callaghan Chief People and Culture Officer Appointed: October 2021 Corina has responsibility for the legal department and policy department. Prior to Redbubble, Corina served as outside counsel in New York City and Santa Monica, representing clients on complex litigation and transactional matters. She also has experience as an informal advisor to multiple start-ups and other ventures. Corina is an active member of Chief, Tech GC, the Women’s General Counsel Network and other organisations. Her priorities include oversight of all key group legal issues including intellectual property, compliance, privacy, and date security and content safety issues Corina holds a law degree from the University of San Diego School of Law and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan. Corina Davis Chief Legal Officer and EVP of Business Development Appointed: August 2013 Stacey has responsibility for Supply Chain (fulfillment, logistics, sourcing), Operations (quality, customer service, content moderation) and the company’s approach to ESG issues. Prior to joining Redbubble, she spent over 14 years at Amazon in a variety of roles, most recently as Director of Supply Chain and Operations for Amazon Go. Stacey also held leadership roles in Fulfillment by Amazon, Kindle, and Amazon Fresh. Before Amazon, Stacey worked at General Electric and Philips. Her key priorities are improving customer and artist experience through improving product quality, the delivery experience, and content onsite and scaling for growth through improved tooling and automation across supply chain and operations. Stacey holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. Stacey Wallace Chief Supply Chain Officer Appointed: July 2021 Georg joined Redbubble in 2009 and held various leadership roles within the engineering team before being appointed to the Senior Leadership Team. Georg serves as 2IC to the CTO and is responsible for growing Redbubble’s engineering team and scaling technical excellence. Georg’s experience spans 20 years of software development roles in industries ranging from printing to online fundraising and e-commerce. In 2007, he co-founded ‘betterplace. org’ and developed an online donation platform which remains Germany’s largest of its kind. His priorities include attraction and retention of engineers and ensuring a culture of continuous learning and development within the Redbubble engineering department. Georg holds a degree in business informatics from the Berlin School of Economics. Georg Friedrich Senior Vice President – Engineering Appointed: May 2019 Brett is responsible for the e-commerce functions of the business. Having joined Redbubble in 2016 as a Senior Strategy Manager, Brett was promoted to the role of Chief Commercial Officer in August 2019. Prior to Redbubble Brett held senior strategy positions at Coles and as a consultant with KPMG and Pacific Strategy Partners. His priorities include ensuring artists can compete with mainstream retail through access to a world class e-commerce function, delivering a physical product experience that surpasses customer expectations, and supporting the operational efficiency of the fulfiller network. Brett holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Curtin University and a PhD in Engineering from Monash University. Dr Brett Watson Chief Commercial Officer Appointed: August 2019 29 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 28 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022