Red Bubble Annual Report 2022

Steve Leadbeater Featured artist I’ve exhibited my work since the early 1990s, but I’ve been drawing my whole life. It’s what kept me out of trouble while growing up in the suburbs. My style is something that I’m forever trying to break and recreate, but others have described my work as art brut, outsider art and neo-expressionist. For me, the work is not complete until it has been viewed by other people. I draw inspiration from my suburban life of contrasts and also from a broad spectrum of cultural and artistic influences from Bacon, Warhol and Basquiat to Patti Smith and the Clash. I’ve been selling my work on the Redbubble marketplace since its early days in 2008. The supportive community of independent artists really gives me a sense of comradery. The marketplace also provides the opportunity to reach a wider audience and not have to worry about production or delivery. 13 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 12 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022