Red Bubble Annual Report 2022

Environment, Social and Governance The Redbubble marketplace was created to be a platform for social good and our stakeholders are passionate about our mission. We believe we have a responsibility to the artists and customers that use the Redbubble and TeePublic marketplaces to ensure that our platforms are a place for environmentally and socially responsible products. Redbubble’s marketplace business model, since its inception, has always emphasised a small environmental footprint together with a strong focus on social good. Still, we recognize the responsibility every company, including Redbubble, has to shine as bright a light as possible upon the environmental and social impacts that are front of mind for ourselves and our stakeholders. We also recognise the immediate value a well-articulated ESG Strategy can have for shareholders and our business. For our business, formalizing our ESG strategy enables us to ensure we devote resources to areas of greatest impact and ensure ESG related investments relate to our core business strategy. For shareholders, this translates to better business outcomes and demonstrates that our success is sustainable; not further depleting material resources, accelerating environmental tragedies, or occurring at the expense of people. In our FY21 report, we foreshadowed our commitment to further evolve our ESG strategy, including baselining key metrics, and setting specific goals. This year, we’re proud to introduce specific, measurable, time-bound targets, which tie directly back to our ESG areas of ambition and maintain continuity with Redbubble’s long-standing emphasis on environmental and social good. Further details about our ESG Strategy will be shared in a dedicated ESG report to be released later this year. ESG Strategy Redbubble Group is proud to launch our inaugural ESG Strategy, which connects our vision, ambitions and targets. Our ESG vision - first outlined in our FY21 Annual Report - remains the same today: build an enduring marketplace that connects people through creativity and empowers our community without comprising the planet. We directed our vision toward three areas of ambition: People, Planet, and Prosperity. We also conducted a materiality assessment to set targets on the most impactful areas through benchmarking, research on industry trends and interviews with employees, customers, fulfillers, and marketplace users. Our 2025 ESG targets, described in further detail below, were approved by the Board in June 2022. We intend to track our progress towards the targets set out below and to report on our performance annually. We expect to refine our targets over time based on learnings and new developments within our business, external signals, and stakeholder feedback. Governance of ESG within the Group sits with the following personnel: • The Board has ultimate oversight of, and accountability for ESG within the Group, which includes approving the ESG Strategy, reporting, materiality assessments, and action plans. • In FY22, the Group hired a Vice President of ESG who is responsible for developing and executing the Group’s ESG Strategy. • Executive Team members reporting to the CEO are accountable for the Group’s 2025 ESG targets. • Senior Leaders reporting into the Executive team are responsible for executing initiatives that ladder up to the 2025 targets. People At Redbubble Group, we strive to create a workforce where all employees feel a strong sense of belonging. We care deeply about diversity and inclusion, and proudly embrace the opportunity we have to use our platform to celebrate the unique work of artists and positively impact our local communities. We aim to enable our people to positively impact our culture and community. Employees want to work for companies they trust and have purpose, so they feel proud about the work they are doing knowing they are contributing to environmental and social good. zero salary discrepancy between genders 40% Continued 40% or greater representation of women in senior leadership positions 100% of employees feel safe and a sense of belonging ESG Strategy Targets Key Employee Metrics: • 349 “Bubblers” are employed by Redbubble Group globally • 40% of Directors and 60% of Executives are women • 43% in Australia, 48% in the United States and 9% in Europe • 94% work full time; 6% are part time • 140 new joined Redbubble in FY22 • 15 employees took parental leave • 4 average training hours per employee • 3 active, executive-sponsored affinity groups (LGBTQI+, All Gender, Neurodiversity) • 2 Engagement Surveys (84% Participation; 69% Engagement, 85% Belonging) Community Impact Our mission to create the world’s largest marketplace for independent artists is rooted in community impact as we create opportunities for artists to generate income from their work. Beyond this, we support our employeeled and executive sponsored initiatives that give back to communities. FY2022 community initiatives included: • Conflict in Ukraine – Almost immediately following the commencement of the conflict in Ukraine, Redbubble and TeePublic aligned to donate 100% of its service fee profits $170,000 from sales by artists supportive of the Ukrainian people to two non-profits: International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Global Giving. • Pride and IDAHOBIT* – we support LGBTQIA+ events and dates both globally and locally every year. This year, we supported the San Francisco Pride organisation in reviving the in-person celebration and fundraising efforts. Redbubble also made a donation of USD$5,000 and employees celebrated through our Pride Fundraiser and Pride VIP party. • Product donations – We donated apparel, face masks and homewares to Launch Housing that were returned to the Redbubble marketplace. • Museum of Comic and Cartoon Arts (MoCCa) Festival – TeePublic sponsored the MoCCA Arts Festival, which is the largest comics and cartoon festival. Participating artists can connect with peers, publishers and editors and reach potential customers. • Pillar Project – We partnered with Just Another Agency to launch the Pillar Program: an initiative designed to keep employees connected to the local arts community. Work by local street artists is transformed into large-scale works that appear on 12 concrete columns. To provide exposure to more artists, the columns are updated monthly with new artists chosen through Instagram competition. * International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexism & Transphobia. 21 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 20 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022