Red Bubble Annual Report 2022

The Board supports the need for the highest standards of behaviour and business ethics at Redbubble. Accordingly, all Directors, managers and employees are expected to act with integrity, striving at all times to enhance the reputation and performance of Redbubble. The Company has adopted Redbubble Behaviours that define our culture and the ways we work in all of our locations across the globe. The Redbubble Behaviours are: • Be Bold, Aim High – Set ambitious objectives and support all Bubblers to aim to deliver them. This is about setting stretch objectives but never taking unnecessary risks without proper vetting, planning and mitigation. • Right Thinking, Right People, Right Time – Showing ownership and being accountable for an outcome by balancing what people to involve when the degree of effort and risk required and the speed of decisions with the potential value being sought. It isn’t about always making perfect decisions and being prepared to seek other views when you are not sure. • Proactively Solve for the Greater Good – Developing solutions in a scalable and sustainable way for Redbubble and not ourselves. It involves calling out issues if and when you see them, speaking up when you disagree and escalating issues when you need to. • Rapidly Deliver Value – Having a sense of urgency in delivering improvements that create value. It isn’t rushing through and not questioning when something seems wrong or unfinished. • Have Trust, Build Trust – All Bubblers always engage on the assumption of good intent and provide a safe environment for each other. Importantly we don’t want Bubblers to stay silent or feel they can question something they don’t understand. Values and Ethics Redbubble seeks to ensure that a consistent and integrated approach to managing risk is established at all levels and is embedded in its processes and culture. This enables the Group to take and manage risk in ways that will generate and protect shareholder value. The Board recognises that an overly cautious approach to risk management may adversely impact the achievement of strategic and operational objectives. Accordingly, the prudent assumption of risk in a manner that balances the risks of action versus inaction is encouraged. The Board is ultimately responsible for ensuring risk management processes are in place and operating effectively, while the Audit and Risk Committee is responsible for overseeing the Group’s ongoing risk management program framework and any key supporting policies and procedures. The CEO and the Executive Team are responsible for managing and embedding risk management practices throughout the Group. During the year, a comprehensive risk management review was undertaken to ensure that the risk management framework remains fit for purpose and provides assurance to the Board that risk is being managed effectively throughout the Group. Risk Management The Behaviours are supported by: Core Values of Creativity and Compassion that are fundamental to Redbubble. Creativity is the heart of everything we do. We aim not only to build an organisation which enhances creativity but to do so in a creative way. Compassion is at the heart of our culture, we are able to take the other’s point of view. We are able to balance our own interests with those of others. We act with compassion to ourselves, to others and to the planet that supports us. Code of Conduct which outlines how Redbubble expects Bubblers to behave and conduct business in the workplace and includes requirements around legal compliance and guidelines on appropriate ethical standards. All Redbubble personnel including temporary employees, contractors, executives and Directors must comply with the Code of Conduct. Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy which makes the Company’s zero tolerance position clear and provides a clear basis for addressing any issues as they arise. Whistleblower Policy under which employees are encouraged to report unlawful or unethical conduct to the Company Whistleblower Reports Officer or the Company’s independent reporting hotline. The Company Secretary reports to the Board on a monthly basis (or more frequently if necessary) in relation to whistleblower reports. 31 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 30 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022