Red Bubble Annual Report 2022

8.5 Details of equity awards granted Grant date # of options/ rights granted Type of equity Vest date(1) Expiry date(2) Exercise price Unit value at grant date Total Value at grant date(3) Chief executive officer Michael Ilczynski 01-Oct-21 95,502 Options 01-Oct-22 01-Oct-27 $0.00 $4.35 $415,434 01-Oct-21 306,654 SARs 01-Oct-24 01-Oct-27 $4.19 $2.49 $763,568 Other executive KMP Emma Clark 01-Oct-21 55,331 Options 01-Oct-22 01-Oct-27 $0.00 $4.35 $240,690 01-Oct-21 177,668 SARs 01-Oct-24 01-Oct-27 $4.19 $2.49 $442,393 Total 635,155 $1,862,085 (1) T he vesting of equity is subject to the CEO or KMP (as applicable) remaining in service with Redbubble as at the vest date and, in relation to the SARs, the total shareholder return hurdle being satisfied. (2) F or options and SARs, if the CEO or KMP (as applicable) leaves Redbubble service then the expiry date is brought forward to be 90 days after the employment end date unless the pro-rata retention criteria of the LTI awards as set out in section 5.2, is satisfied. (3) T he value at grant date for options has been determined using the Black-Scholes valuation model. The value for share appreciation rights has been determined using the Monte Carlo valuation model. For presentation purposes, share price has been rounded to two decimal places, however the value at grant date has been calculated based on unrounded numbers. 8.6 Other Transactions with Executive KMP - Legacy Item In the prior year, Redbubble Limited and Mr Ilczynski, CEO, entered into a limited recourse loan arrangement with a loan amount of $1,600,000. Mr Ilczynski used the loan amount plus $400,000 of his own funds to purchase Redbubble Limited shares on-market in the trading window that followed the release of Redbubble’s half-year 2021 results and Appendix 4D. The loan amount plus interest equal to the RBA cash rate plus 3% (compounding annually) is to be repaid 5 years from the date of the loan, or on cessation of employment if earlier. The security for the loan is limited to the shares acquired with the loan amount. Remuneration Report (audited) continued Financial Report Contents 58 Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income 59 Consolidated Statement of Financial Position 60 Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity 62 Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows 63 N otes to the Consolidated Financial Statements 90 Directors’ Declaration 91 Independent Auditor’s Report 96 Shareholder Information 98 Glossary of Terms 99 Corporate Information 56 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 57 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022