Red Bubble Annual Report 2022

(b) Group as a lessor The Group previously sub-let offices in the United States. These subleases had original terms of up to 4 years and all ended in FY2021. Net investment in sublease 2022 $’000 2021 $’000 Balance at 1 July – 994 Additions – – Interest income – 17 Net investment in sublease receipts – (871) Other – (65) Exchange differences – (75) Balance as at 30 June – – Amounts recognised in the statement of cashflow 2022 $’000 2021 $’000 Operating – receipt of interest – 17 Investing – receipt of principal – 854 Total cash inflow relating to leases – 871 15. Trade and other payables 2022 $’000 2021 $’000 Fulfiller payables 24,203 22,500 Artist payables 15,928 12,673 Staff payables 4,238 1,602 Sales tax payables 3,752 3,888 Other payables(1) 11,498 6,810 Total trade and other payables 59,619 47,473 (1) Other payables consist of operations, administration and marketing payables. Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements continued For the Year Ended 30 June 2022 16. Employee benefit liabilities Wages, salaries, annual and long service leave A provision is made for the Group’s liability for employee benefits arising from services rendered by employees to the end of the reporting period. Employee benefits that are expected to be settled within one year represent the amounts expected to be paid when the liability is settled. Employee benefits expected to be settled more than twelve months after the end of the reporting period have been measured at the present value of the estimated future cash outflows to be made for those benefits. In determining the liability, consideration is given to employee wage increases and the probability that the employee may satisfy service period requirements. Cash flows are discounted using market yields at the reporting date on high quality corporate bonds with terms to maturity that match the expected timing of cash flows. Employee benefits are presented as current liabilities in the balance sheet if the Group does not have an unconditional right to defer settlement of the liability for at least 12 months after the reporting date regardless of the classification of the liability for measurement purposes under AASB 119 Employee Benefits. Changes in the measurement of the liability are recognised in the income statement. Defined contribution schemes Obligations for contributions to defined contribution superannuation plans are recognised as an employee benefit expense in the income statement in the periods in which services are provided by employees. Current Non-current 2022 $’000 2021 $’000 2022 $’000 2021 $’000 Annual leave 2,169 1,912 – – Long service leave 274 283 149 268 Total employee benefit liabilities 2,443 2,195 149 268 17. Contributed equity and reserves (a) Share capital Consolidated and parent entity 2022 Shares 2021 Shares 2022 $’000 2021 $’000 Ordinary shares(1) Issued and fully paid 275,920,223 273,620,223 162,526 162,552 Total share capital 275,920,223 273,620,223 162,526 162,552 (1) T he holders of ordinary shares are entitled to participate in dividends and the proceeds on winding up of the Company. On a show of hands at meetings of the Company, each holder of ordinary shares has one vote in person or by proxy, and upon a poll each share is entitled to one vote. The Company does not have authorised capital or par value in respect of its shares. 79 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022 78 Redbubble – Annual Report 2022